2nd July 1991
Lee Ann Remick, American film and television actress, died. 25 years.
2nd July 1996
Stone of Scone is returned to Scotland after 700 years. 20 years.
4th July 1766
The US Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson. 240 years.
4th July 1826
Thomas Jefferson, American lawyer and politician, 3rd President of the United States, died. 190 years.
5th July 1946
The first modern bikini two-piece swimsuit was unveiled at a fashion show in Paris. 70 years.
5th July 1996
Dolly the sheep becomes the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. 20 years.
5th July 2011
Cy Twombly, American painter of large-scale, freely scribbled, calligraphic and graffiti-like works, dies. 5 years.
6th July 1916
Odilon Redon, French printmaker, draughtsman and painter, dies. 100 years
6th July 1766
Alexander Wilson, Scottish-American poet, ornithologist, naturalist, and illustrator, is born. 250 years.
7th July 1816
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Irish playwright and poet and long-term owner of the London Theatre Royal, dies. 200 years.
8th July 1916
The Coke bottle as we know it was registered at The United States Patent and Trademark Office. 100 years.
8th July 2006
June Allyson, American stage, film, and television actress, dancer, and singer, died. 10 years.
12th July 1926
Gertrude Bell, British writer, adventurer and political officer who helped to found the country of Iraq, dies. 90 years.
13th July 1946
Alfred Stieglitz, American photographer and modern art promoter, dies. 70 years.
15th July 1916
In Seattle, William Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt incorporate Pacific Aero Products, later renamed Boeing. 100 years.
16th July 1216
Pope Innocent III, one of the most powerful and influential popes, died. 800 years.
16th July 1941
Joe DiMaggio hits safely for the 56th consecutive game, a streak that still stands as a MLB record. 75 years.
18th July 1936
An army upraising in Spanish Morocco began Spanish Civil War. 80 years.
20th July 2010
Lucian Freud, German-born English artist, died. 5 years.
21st July 1816
Paul Reuter, German-born British entrepreneur, and the founder of the Reuters news agenc, is born. 200 years.

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